High speed fiber in New York still a pipe dream for many


With the infrastructure of New York being as old as it is, it’s probably no surprise that much of it is aging. Indeed, I’ve mentioned here the challenges the city has faced in other areas of that category, but I was a bit surprised, although I’m not sure I should’ve been, to learn that when it comes to wiring the city with modern fiber optics for high-speed internet and the like, challenges persist as well.

An article in The Verge shares some of the challenges, such as odd routes due to collapsed areas, a monopoly for the infrastructure owned by Verizon with no motivation or financial incentive to clean things up, and competitors that are shut out by lack of space and high pricing. It’s a fascinating read and helps to explain why, even in a city where a ton of businesses rely on a top-tier network to get things done, many others won’t have the ability to enjoy the same for some time to come.


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