Little Caesars introduces a bacon-wrapped pizza crust


During the blog hiatus Little Caesars announced their latest entry in the “just make us fat already” food competition, although it’s not as extreme as some of the previous attempts by fast food restaurants. Behold: The bacon wrapped pizza crust.

The company who unleashed the concept of “Pizza! Pizza!” and managed the fast food section of most K-Marts for years is no stranger to getting people excited about variations. Their breadsticks were something I remember as a kid of being awesome. (To be fair, college was all about Domino’s as well, so take that endorsement for what you will.)

Little Caesars has been making inroads again, at least here in New England, with franchises popping up all over in recent years. As someone who remembers them from my time living in the south, it’s great to see them around again.

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