Music other people like: Lily Allen’s ‘Hard Out Here’

My friend Nick over at The Littlest Winslow is many times on top of things before it’s even on my radar, and the latest Lily Allen release, “Hard Out Here” is no exception. (Warning: Video’s NSFW.)

Her collaborations with Greg Kurstin have always shined, and this return after a long absence certainly shakes things up.  Gone are the retro leanings of a lot of earlier music for a more straight-ahead pop approach, one Kurstin himself has been heavily involved in in recent years as his producing name rapidly grows. Allen fits in well here though on a song that basically kisses off much of the music industry and its current practices in the same way Pink did with songs like “Stupid Girls” or “Don’t Let Me Get Me.”

But where Pink stuck to her well-known humor to drive the point, Allen adds a trademark layer of sugary-sweet vulgarity in the vein of “Fuck You,” seen below (and also a collaboration with Kurstin). The lyrics mince no words, and the video is pretty crazy, but it’s hard not to fall in love with the message, or Allen, all over again.  It’s hard to believe it’s been four years, but it’s nice to have her back.

One thought on “Music other people like: Lily Allen’s ‘Hard Out Here’

  1. I totally forgot the Greg Kurstin mention though! Have you ever listened to his 90’s band Geggy Tah?? There’s some good stuff there.

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