Required listening: Cartoons


In the late 90s, novelty dance acts were picking up a bit of momentum.  One such act, at least in Europe, was Cartoons.  I became introduced to them while on a school-sponsored trip to Italy (my only such trip to Europe, alas), and saw their music video for “Witch Doctor” on TV. I picked up the album while there.

The best way to describe them is a cross between Aqua and a doo-wop group.  They blended 90s-era dance beats with the doo-wop vibes of the 50s, sometimes within a song, and it led to interesting results. Their outfits were, not surprisingly, colorful and cartoonish. It certainly wasn’t the most inventive music, but it certainly had its moments.

Songs like “Witch Doctor” and “Doo Dah” certainly fell into the same level as Aqua, although not quite as creative or catchy. That said, there’s certainly worse ways to pass the time.

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