Required listening: Kate Pierson’s ‘Mister Sister’


Kate Pierson, longtime member of the B-52s, is leading up to the release of solo album “Guitars and Microphones,” and song “Mister Sister” was released ahead of the February album launch.

The simple video features “Late Night” bandleader and former SNL castmember Fred Armisen. It’s a catchy song, but not without controversy; after Pierson said in an interview she hopes it becomes a “trans anthem” some members of the LGBT community questioned whether the lyrical content and video played to incorrect stereotypes and language around the transgender community instead of moving the discussion forward, making it an inappropriate anthem.

Some are encouraging Pierson to use her profile to retract the song and introduce something more positive. Pierson responded on Facebook attempting to clarify what she meant and respond to one of the criticism pieces posted, and reactions to her response have been mixed, with some supporting her and others continuing to push back.

Meanwhile, amid all of the discussion, her solo album which she worked on with Sia, will be released February 17. It’s unknown whether other songs attempt to have the same message or fall more into the realm of the “party band” vibe that she and the other B-52s have cultivated over the years, but it won’t take long to find out.

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