Required listening: Paramore’s “Still Into You”

I feel like I might be late to the game with this one, but I caught it on the radio over the weekend and found myself drawn to it.  I’d certainly heard of Paramore, and knew of a song or two of theirs, but this one caught my ear more than others (probably because it’s more pop leaning).Based on a quick scan of the YouTube comments, I’m not the only one who began poking around Paramore’s catalog after hearing this.  Clearly they’ve taken a slightly different tack here (not necessarily surprising given the line-up change prior to the latest album’s release), but the music overall is quite good.

I’d previously been a fan of “That’s What You Get,” one of their previous tracks, and now with this latest song I’ve begun to pick up a few more tracks off their albums. Not all of their music fall into my wheelhouse, but I’m definitely appreciating the group a bit more.

2 thoughts on “Required listening: Paramore’s “Still Into You”

  1. Their new album is REALLY good. Their early stuff is super pop-punk. Riot! is a great album, really the best, I think. I hated Brand New Eyes and thought I was done with them…but they’re showed some growth as a band on this new self-titled release. It’s still poppy fun, but it’s very eclectic and diverse….for them at least. Fun stuff.

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