Required viewing: ‘Only Connect’


My love of gameshows has probably come through by now here on the site.  When it comes to trivia, the king of the past few decades has arguably been “Jeopardy!,” which makes sense as it’s the most straight-ahead quiz show, and it’s persevered in ways that most don’t, with editions around the world. Sure, there’s shows like “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire,” but while the amounts of money offered are surely impressive, the intensity level is of a different sort.

However, if you expand your horizons, I’d argue that BBC’s “Only Connect” gives “Jeopardy!” a run for its money.  The format’s pretty inspired, starting with a connection round that allows people to get more clues but earning less points for a correct answer, a sequencing round that has the teams determine what’s next. Then comes a matching round, “Connecting Walls,” that has the team put four of a kind together and, if successful, explain what the connection is (similar to the first round), but with dead ends on the board that make the board challenging.  In the final, fast-paced round, a series of categories and clues with vowels missing are shown, and teams buzz in with the answer.

Above is the final from a recent series; while not the rapid fire format of “Jeopardy!,” the questions are diverse and challenging.  Trivia and knowledge fans will find quite a bit of enjoyment in the series. A number of episodes of the series are on YouTube if you get into it.

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