The first year in review


Thanksgiving weekend a year ago, I was able to pull the trigger and get this blog finished and moving. Given my personal site had been neglected for years, it was an accomplishment, and the fact that I’ve actually used it, and updated it, for a year, is to me another one (I have a tendency to let things fall off before a year has passed). With that in mind, I’d like to take a moment to reflect on a year here and what it’s meant. Continue reading

Back to blogging

Back to the attempt to blog daily (I made it all of five weeks the first time). ┬áThis is a busy time of year; I participate in two organizations that are building towards their major fundraisers right now, which will keep me busy until early March, but the number of topics I wish to write about are building up quickly, so I’m going to start working towards getting back to daily posts again. Stay tuned!