YouTube has everything: Today’s Special


Children’s television in the 80s was experimental in some ways.  While more established shows like “Sesame Street” had by a certain point long since found their purpose, the proliferation of channels offered the opportunity for a broader array of programming of all types to appear.  As such, a TV Ontario-produced show, “Today’s Special,” made its way onto U.S. airwaves by way of Nickelodeon and PBS. Continue reading

Where are all the M8s?

A picture I took of an M8 at Stamford station at a time when I saw them much more often.

Metro-North Railroad is in the middle of replacing its older train cars with a model called the M8, manufactured by Kawasaki. They include such features as pre-recorded audio with station stop announcements (and matching signage), higher headrests one every seat (and easier grips for people to be able to safely move about), and other technology advancements that come with redesigning a train car 40 years after the last major redesign.

The only problem is, I’m having trouble finding them. Continue reading

Cell service, wi-fi improvements coming to Grand Central

Someday they’ll have wi-fi on the trains themselves. A man can dream…

One of the more frustrating parts about my commute is the black hole of service that occurs during the 10 minutes each direction that the train is departing or arriving Grand Central Terminal.  Given my commute’s 45 minutes, it takes effectively 1/4 of the time I could use to be productive, and leads me to rarely break out the laptop. Continue reading