‘Whose Line’ brings back the fabled Hoedown


Last year, the CW rebooted “Whose Line is it Anyway?” with the standard U.S. cast and new host Aisha Tyler.  The magic is still there, but some of the classic games hadn’t made it back onto the show yet.  Last night, one finally made its return: The Hoedown. Continue reading

Required viewing/listening: ‘Just a Minute’

Thanks to the Internet, it’s relatively straightforward to learn about entertainment produced in other countries.  Thanks to Comedy Central, I watched the British episodes of “Whose Line is it Anyway?” long before the American version, and because of the wider variety of contestants found it a bit more entertaining (although I do still love the American version, and look forward to its return this summer). Thanks to my knowledge of that show, I found a radio show (that’s occasionally appeared on TV, such as the above) that’s been keeping me entertained as of late: “Just a Minute.” Continue reading