The ultimate mashup? 56 songs of 2013 in 10 minutes

When a new year arrives, there’s always a tendency to revisit the year that’s ending.  There’s all sorts of ways to do this, from the fun to the serious, but I think Robin Skouteris‘ mashup, featuring more than 50 pop songs from 2013, not only shows the tenor of pop music this year, but expertly blends songs that don’t on the surface seem like they should match together.

Arguably this exercise is a bit easier to accomplish thanks to the quick rise of EDM over the last year or two, but there’s still a bit of an art to a mash-up, so to blend this number of songs together is pretty ambitious, and Skouteris pulls it off beautifully. And if you really dig it, you can download it on Soundcloud.

Additional listening

The 2012 mash-up is both shorter and featuring less songs, but in some ways is more cohesive as the backbeat is from the same sources throughout, whereas the 2013 version feels closer to a megamix of sorts.  Both are enjoyable though, and a download for the 2012 edition is also available.

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