They’ll be there for you: Windows 95 Video Guide


Earlier this year, I posted an item about the classic Windows XP background image and its history. But here’s a baffling marriage of two iconic sitcom stars and an iconic operating system: the Windows 95 Video Guide.


Matthew Perry and Jennifer Aniston star in the “first cyber sitcom” to help people learn about the groundbreaking Windows 95 operating system, which was a huge step forward but potentially would be confusing to people used to the old Windows, which looked a lot different.

With some attempts at humor (some succeeding, some failing), it shows how to use some of the new features and understanding the interface. The Seinfeld-like music and presence of Aniston and Perry, who were becoming big stars via “Friends,” clearly was a snapshot in time (neither would do something like this today, of course). Perry’s Chandler-like sarcasm is followed by a guitar riff repeatedly.


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