Your friends are getting married, and you’re getting older


Are you missing your chance to get married?  A completely frivolous piece of tech on Time magazine’s website uses your Facebook graph to calculate the ages of your friends, married and not, to tell you if you’re getting past your prime.  Fortunately I have eight months, according to the applet, so I’ll get right on it.

Meanwhile, it does show the type of data Facebook makes available to those who you share information with, as you approving access lets Time see your Facebook friends’ information.  I wonder how it knows *when* they got married; in theory if everyone I know is getting older too, the average would shift upward along with my age and I’d always be a few months shy (barring younger married people I opt to friend later, of course, but it will always be skewed by school friends who still make up a considerable portion of my friends list).

It’s a fun little meme, but clearly not particularly useful, other than to show an example of the depth of data Facebook has on its users and user graphs.

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