YouTube (and Reddit) has everything: Star Trek stabilized


For years, people have been taking battle scenes from the various Star Trek series, stabilize them and rotate them, and have created a series of YouTube clips and animated gifs through a meme called “Star Trek Stabilized,” which has its own Reddit category.


It’s a mix of amusement at what the actors had to do to make the battle scenes take place, along with an interesting reveal behind the Hollywood curtain to see the see deconstructed, but it tends to be amusing and fun.

It’s come back into the spotlight recently as someone took some of the clips, married it to a recent Lil’ Jon hit, and you get “Turn Down for Spock.” Years later, the meme survives and gains new fans, but without much new Star Trek material to mine for it, I’m sure they’ll run out of scene to stabilize before long. Shields are at 40%.

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