YouTube has everything: Parodies of Nicki Minaj’s ‘Anaconda’


Nicki Minaj certainly stirred up a pot of something when she released “Anaconda” awhile back, but this time out the parody people seem to have gotten it right. Up today are two different takes, one more on the nose and one that’s completely left field but brilliant. Let’s start with the latter.

College Humor created an absurdist take on the whole matter by simply converting it into an educational video, complete with an anime-based Minaj-a-like educating children about the anaconda snake. It’s absolutely ridiculous, and incredibly funny because of it. Brilliant take on the song.

Meanwhile, Bart Baker aimed for a more shot-to-shot commentary with lyrics updated against the song to crack jokes about the absurd scenarios the video created. Of course, Minaj’s videos tend to offer that opportunity, given how they’re normally structured. Of the two, this works, but isn’t nearly as amusing when compared with the College Humor take.

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