YouTube has everything: The Chase


Occasionally a game show comes along that offers something a bit different, and it gets well-deserved attention.  Fifteen years ago, that was Who Wants to be a Millionaire? Eight years ago, it was Deal or No Deal.  Today, it’s The Chase.

A U.K. import, the U.S. version follows rules basically the same with its British counterpart, with three contestants facing off against an expert trivia player, in this case Mark Labbett, a chaser from the U.K. version dubbed “The Beast.” They first face him one by one, and then, for those victorious in that round, as part of a team in the Final Chase. The show goes through rapid fire trivia questions in a series of rounds that leads to some consistently exciting moments.

GSN recently ordered a 13-episode third season, following two rapid fire 8-episode seasons that became one of their highest rated programs. The second season premiere is on YouTube; if you’ve never seen the show, it’s a great representation of what the show offers and is worth a viewing.

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