YouTube has everything: The Richard Bey Show

At the height of the trash talk show mania, one stood out for me even amongst the many others: The Richard Bey Show. Produced by WWOR in the New York area and syndicated nationally, I became aware of it as a teenager once my family moved to the tri-state area, and for awhile, like many, I was hooked.

The show was much more playful than many of the others, offering “games” that allowed for competition or revenge, had sound effects that were designed to add additional humor to the mood, and seemed like a real-life version of another show I enjoyed as a teen, Night Stand with Dick Dietrick.

Many of his classic shows were contests and competitions, such as the above “Mr. Punyverse and Ms. Thunder Thighs.” When conflicts and anger came up, Bey would diffuse it with games like “Wheel of Torture,” which brought people together.

Long before Springer had fights that they had to edit out to seem less violent, Bey’s guests sparred verbally and got into angry confrontations (complete with sound effects) and the common refrain “Where do they find these people?”

Bey’s own website has episodes of the show from its hey-day, and for those who are fans of trashy talk shows, you’ll find a lot to like, but YouTube’s got even more for those who want to just get to the best bits.

7 thoughts on “YouTube has everything: The Richard Bey Show

  1. It was an episode where they picked on me for not matching and I was dating an older man named Dave . He said a comment about would u rather have hamburger helper or filet mignon then later his had to dance on stage with a construction hat and work clothes in strip

  2. Richard Bey was definitely the most fun of the trashy talk show genre. I watched it frequently. Bey recognized how preposterous the show was and went with it. It was a good time.

  3. I was on the show and I can not find the it… Please. Help .. Was in a cow costume and had gold teeth in my mouth…I think it was biggest beauty versus proud and ugly. .. Please. Help

  4. please get in touch with me. I’m looking for a particular episode in 1995 (?) I believe it was called “Someone from your past wants you back” Possibly late winter/early spring?

  5. does anyone recall his show of grown mothers embarrassing their daughters by acting out hilarious situations? I think episode called “The Mother of all mothers”. One was a daughter who said mother went to strip clubs. Show had male strippers come out and dance with mother. Had to be the funniest show I recall.

  6. I’m looking for a episode called sex was great wanna date or i fell in love with my one night stand. The Richard Bey Show

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