YouTube has everything: Wendy Liebman on America’s Got Talent, at TedX


I’ve talked about Wendy Liebman here previously; she’s been making something of a comeback as of late, and I couldn’t be happier. Her ability to quickly tag a joke with a surprise twist has always been a favorite of mine, and I still break out her Pulp Comics special from time to time for a few laughs, as well as her more recent Showtime special “Taller on TV.”

She had a good run on America’s Got Talent this summer, even getting saved by Howard Stern and brought into the semifinals after previously being knocked out of the competition. Her latest performance, from this week, is above; another performance from earlier in the series is below. She did get eliminated, but hopefully the exposure draws her some new fans.

It’s interesting to learn about some of the things that caused her to pause her career, as well as see how she’s updated a few of her jokes to remain relevant in 2014.

Another video I just saw was her delivering a TedX speech featuring a lot of her trademark comedy, which is another great video to check out, above.

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