A new-ish tradition: Modern Christmas cards


Last year, I wrote about my efforts to have a bit of fun with the tradition of sending Christmas cards.  Two years ago, thanks to Charles Apple, I became aware of Red Letter Paper Co., the creation of Stephanie Hinderer, a former visual journalist who found herself frustrated with what was in stores and took her own spin on Christmas cards.  I’ve once again gravitated back to her store, as each year she refreshes the line with new choices and I never come away disappointed.

Many of the cards, although not all, have a strong Christian theme connection (appropriate for the holiday), but all the cards are modern, visually creative and well executed.  For those who don’t want a heavy Christian connection, there’s choices as well.


This is my third year ordering from her – I guess I share a kinship with her creative direction – but it’s also what you get.  The cards are beautiful, on card stock that would make Hallmark jealous. The paper is recycled card stock, carbon neutral and made with 100% wind power. And if that weren’t enough, 10 percent of proceeds are donated to World Orphans. Every single year I get at least one comment about the cards, which means the people getting them certainly enjoy them as well, which to me is part of the fun!

There’s a movement afoot to shop local, or small business.  This is one small business I can rally behind, and you should too.  Visit Red Letter Paper Co. and check out what Stephanie has to offer (she does way, way more than just Christmas cards) and, if you like what you see, be sure to pick ’em up!

2 thoughts on “A new-ish tradition: Modern Christmas cards

  1. Thanks so much for sharing! I’m thrilled that you love them and that your recipients love them. Also, I like making Hallmark jealous. 😉 Thanks again!

    • Glad to spread the word! This year’s cards arrived yesterday and I’m really excited to send them out. Keep up the amazing work!

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