Burger King thinks their new product ‘Satisfries’


Burger King seems to be focusing on heading down the french fries route to differentiate itself.  Fresh off its announcement of the French Fry Burger, they’ve now announced the punnily-named “Satisfries.”

The new product has 30% less calories and 20% less fat than their existing fries, and beats McDonald’s fries by an even bigger margin. They’ve also adopted crinkle-cut fries as the format for this product.

Of course, it’s all about the taste, which remains to be seen, but it’s a clever new salvo in the fast food wars – offering classic staples in a somewhat more healthy form.

UPDATE: Bonus points to Lacey Donohue at Gawker for an amusing point:

“But there is good news for fry purists and everyone who will complain about the abomination that is “healthy” fast food: no one will ever order Satisfries because no self-respecting person will ever want to say “Satisfries” aloud. Ever. Fine, maybe in the drive-thru once, but only because no one will see you.”

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