Christmas Present: 2 years in review (and Spotify playlist!)


The second Christmas Present season comes to a close today, given today is Christmas day. To give you something to enjoy the holiday, this year I’ve compiled 20 posts of Christmas Present selections (at least what’s available anyway) into a Spotify playlist.

It’s not all that organized, as I largely went through each post from oldest to newest, and because of the limited number of posts, there’s some weight to certain artists or songs (since I featured differing versions on some posts), but as with anything I hope it grows over time.

20 entries in, the Christmas Present playlist is starting to fill in.  We’ve got dance, a capella, R&B, rock, Christian, and more, along with a few classics thrown in for good measure; Darlene Love is as relevant in 2013 as she was 50 years ago when the classic “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) was released (her annual Letterman performances confirm this).  But there’s new music every year, and a lot of recent entries to cover, so this isn’t the end of the road of this series by any stretch.

At any rate, for those who celebrate Christmas, Merry Christmas!  And for those who want more additions, it’s just a mere 11 months away 🙂

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