Christmas Present: Cee Lo Green’s “All I Need is Love”

Christmas Present

One of the latest Christmas albums, released this year, comes from Cee Lo Green, who’s been a pretty creative force in music the past few years.  A few of his tracks have been added to the “Christmas Present” playlist this year.

Words cannot express the joy found when I was going through the iTunes list, saw that The Muppets contributed on a track, and that the track samples “Mahna Mahna.”  The track, the single from the album, exemplifies  the kind of fun Cee Lo had with the album ,as well as the fun there is to be had by a listen.  It’s a nice addition.

Additional listening

A straight take of “This Christmas,” paired with bizarre imagery, makes this a fun watch, but the music itself is classic soul.

I like the subtly amped up beat on this ballad treatment of “Silent Night.” Solemn, yet gives the song a bit of weight.

And of course, the Muppets’ original “Mahna Mahna,” for those who’ve never seen it.

2 thoughts on “Christmas Present: Cee Lo Green’s “All I Need is Love”

    • Same here – iTunes preview is tailor-made for skeptics like me 🙂 You get the feeling with an album like this he went into the studio determined to have a good time, and it’s very infectious.

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