Christmas Present: Enya’s ‘And Winter Came’


Today’s Christmas Present entry takes us to an artist with a more than 25 year history of consistent musical output: Enya. The artist’s music has remained remarkably consistent in sound across multiple albums, but her popularity has remained consistent as well.

Her 2008 holiday album “And Winter Came” is a great application of her sound to the holiday genre. The sonic atmospheres she creates are quite enjoyable, and fit in well with the season. When she takes on a classic, like “O Come O Come Emmanuel,” the atmosphere is perfect.

That’s not to say there’s not surprises on the album; “My! My! Time Flies!” features a more pop-driven feel and a guitar solo, both unusual takes for the artist but shows a surprising diversity and adventurous approach to the music.

Other songs, like “Trains and Winter Rains,” are closer to the standard Enya sound you’d expect, but work well with the material, as always.

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