A virtual tour: New York Transit Museum


Google’s street view has captured some awesome things on the street as the trucks roll by, but they’ve been having fun in other ways too, capturing special areas and putting them on Google maps as a sort of combination between an easter egg and a virtual tour.

One such cool one is of the New York Transit Museum, which shows off pieces of New York City’s transit history via the various transit options, such as bus and subway, that have existed over the years. Housed in a now-unutilized subway station, the subway cars are lovingly restored and even occasionally taken out on the rails for special occasions, and artifacts from various points in history are available for display.

But many people can’t make it to Brooklyn or don’t live near the city, which is why it’s awesome Google lets people take a virtual tour as well, from the comfort of their home. It’s a neat way to spread the word while at the same time share the sights.

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