Clever use of YouTube tech for timeline

The blog’s getting video heavy lately… I blame my job, but hey, I get my music fix.

During one of those deeper dives for music recently, I tripped across the above video, promoting a timeline of Abba’s videos.  It struck me as a clever use of existing YouTube tech to jump around in a video.Previous efforts for this sort of thing resembled more of a “Choose Your Own Adventure” sort of approach, where clicking an object jumped you to another video altogether, generally set to private so you can’t accidentally discover them in the browse sidebar.  But this neatly contains it in one long video (probably helped along by the steady lengthening of videos YouTube has been allowing in recent years).  Clicking a music video, of course, jumps to the actual music video, but the timeline is a pretty cool approach to exposing content.

(Please, no judgement about ABBA, but feel free to share your love of them in the comments.)

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