Driving in snow

Today was a solid snowstorm; I spent most of it working inside so all was well.  But I had planned on making my way up to Hartford to see Zack for his birthday, a plan that ended in failure when it took way longer than it should have to get from Bridgeport to New Haven, and the roads for most of that were more wet than snowy. (The traffic cams showed much less attractive roadways up in Hartford.)

I always am amazed by the inability of people to drive in bad weather.  There are the people who will jump in front of you and promptly go way, way too slow for safety, and then the people who zoom past you on the right in an unplowed lane because they don’t think you’re going fast enough. Twenty years in Connecticut has not really gotten me any more used to it, and it’s obvious most people aren’t used to it either.

To the credit of those plowing the shoreline, the highways were particularly clear, even Route 15, this go-around.  Nice to see.  And driving on Route 15, with the tree branches white with snow cover, was a beautiful thing, only topped by times when ice encapsulates the branches, as I’ve seen only a handful of times in my lifetime.

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