Andrew McMahon shares ‘High Dive,’ opens album pre-orders


The march towards the release of “Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness” continues, and along with a pre-order of the album on his website and iTunes, we’re also treated the release of a second song from the upcoming album, “High Dive.” Continue reading

Driving in snow

Today was a solid snowstorm; I spent most of it working inside so all was well.  But I had planned on making my way up to Hartford to see Zack for his birthday, a plan that ended in failure when it took way longer than it should have to get from Bridgeport to New Haven, and the roads for most of that were more wet than snowy. (The traffic cams showed much less attractive roadways up in Hartford.) Continue reading

The rush of live music

Myself, left, with Cupcakes, center, and Hank.

I realized pretty early on that I’m a big fan of live music.  I got to attend some concerts as a middle and high schooler that was a big thrill for me.  Not every one was a winner – at one show I saw in college, Vanessa Carlton started talking about armpit hair for an uncomfortable amount of time – but overall, live music was definitely a draw for me. Continue reading