Dunkin’ Donuts holiday coupon books rock


A couple of years ago, an interesting novelty popped up at Dunkin’ Donuts that led to a nice stocking stuffer for mom: a 10-pack of Dunkin’ Donuts large hot coffees for $10.  At the time, it was a regional promotion for just the tri-state area, but mom was traveling across the state and working odd hours as a nurse, so I thought it might be a good pick me up.

Last year, the price went up (although still quite reasonable), the usage restrictions were loosened up (all of Connecticut!), and I gave them to more people.  They were an even bigger hit.  So it’s great to see them out and about this year.

The popularity of them creates one issue: Sometimes it’s hard to get my hands on them, because stores sell out.  I tend to pick up a couple a week until things run out (mostly to spread out the expense, given the other purchases going on, and since I can usually budget them within my normal spending and hold back on other stuff), and then parcel them out based on who I know who drinks their coffee.  It’s a really convenient, simple gift that’s a bit more meaningful than a gift card and, timed as it is right at the beginning of winter, is a very useful item.


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