Enjoying the new commute


The company for which I’m employed, Pixafy, moved offices in September.  Unlike the last move, which was literally a block uptown from the previous office, but both were around 31st Street and Park Avenue South, this time we made a larger move and ended up at 53rd Street and 7th Avenue, putting us right outside of Times Square.  The adjustment to the commute over, I’ve been increasingly taking in what my commute now contains.

I’ve already had the pleasure of commuting out of Grand Central Terminal for three years now (and as the photos on this site confirm, I love that atmosphere), but in my efforts to walk to and from the station each day, I now pass by a lot of landmarks, including Rockefeller Center, Radio City Music Hall, shops along 5th Avenue and, of course, a portion of Times Square to reach my office.


It’s become even more exciting as the holidays approach, as the Christmas decorations are beginning to come out in full force, and the Rockefeller Center tree lighting just adds to what can be seen.  It’s weird, as for so many years I was an outsider to the city marveling at everything, and increasingly it’s now just part of my daily tapestry.

I’m fighting to hold on to the wonder of it, but it’s getting beaten down by repetition and all the people staring into their darned phones and blocking me on the sidewalk by not paying attention. (I will make a very good curmudgeonly old man someday.)

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