New book promises to teach NYC etiquette


New York is a place like no other, and as such there’s different rules by which one should abide.  I for one get really cranky when I get stuck behind slow walkers playing with their cellphones on the sidewalk, or a group of people four across keeping me from getting around them. Actually, I’d just prefer if I could sweep the sidewalks of people altogether sometimes, but that’s not practical.  Instead, I pray people read books like the NYC Basic Tips and Etiquette. Continue reading

New York City, before and after


New York as a city has certainly evolved, even has it retains much of the charm over the years that’s made it a place people have yearned to arrive at and thrive. A Huffington Post article, however, shows some of the inevitable change that happens when smaller businesses get replaced with larger ones, as the city ever changes, in a piece highlighting photos taken by James and Karla Murray for a new book, “STORE FRONT.” Continue reading

Flush with information: The Bathroom Reader series


Before I received a Kindle as a gift a few years back, my reading pattern was pretty predictable. I read paper books, and I tended to read more in the winter time, when it was colder out and I was indoors more.  By the time college hit, I already had established a pattern of acquiring certain annual anthologies, all of which came out in the fall, likely to time for gift-giving season. Continue reading

If the Winter Olympics came to New York


One of former Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s failed attempts was to bring the Summer Olympics to New York in 2012. Other projects from that failed effort ultimately went ahead, but in the end the Olympics went elsewhere.  Of course, with the Winter Olympics taking place this year in Sochi, Russia, a enterprising New York Times team of reporters and illustrators wondered: What if organizers attempted to construct venues appropriate for the Winter Olympics in The big Apple?  Continue reading

The tallest hotel in North America, right around the corner


Pixafy’s office, where I work, is located at 53rd and 7th in New York.  Right down Broadway (which also runs by our office) is a brand new combination Courtyard by Marriott and Residence Inn (the Residence Inn rooms are on the higher floors). It also happens to be the tallest hotel in North America. Continue reading

Working in New York: The salad days.


While in college and for awhile thereafter, there was a good chunk of time where I was all about the salad bar at the local supermarket (and occasionally the campus cafeteria as well).  Twice a week, and sometimes more, I’d head over and put together a decently-sized salad with a lot of goodies. Then work became more travel, working in places where Stop & Shop wasn’t convenient, and that began to fall off. Sure, there were places like Au Bon Pain, but it wasn’t really the same for me. Continue reading