Great picks from The Littlest Winslow


This post is nothing more than a shameless plug for my friend and old college colleague Nick at The Littlest Winslow, who’s been mentioned here more than once in terms of music selections to which he’s introduced me. (He was the lead inspiration for the Music Other People Like series you find here as well.)

He recently compiled a mix of songs that he shared with his readership, which he plans to update regularly, and I’m passing it along to you. If you’re digging what you find on this playlist, you’ll find a great backlog of selections on Nick’s blog, The Littlest Winslow. Music’s a core component of the blog, although you’ll find other awesome entertainment reviews, thoughts and so on. Check it out!

The initial passthrough includes tracks high on my list right now, including Sia’s “Chandelier,” MisterWives’ “Twisted Tongue,” and “You’re Not the One” by Sky Ferreira, who was featured here just last week. It’s also got “I Might Survive” by Architecture in Helsinki, a song we passed along from him previously.

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