Melanie Dunea’s latest: Photo Tripping


I’ve had the opportunity to work with the talented Melanie Dunea for a few years now through the company I work for, Pixafy; the celebrity photographer is known for her “My Last Supper” book series, which features celebrities and chefs sharing what their last meal would be if it could be anything. She’s also got a strong philanthropic side, putting time into raising money for victims of Sandy and helping the New York City Food Bank, among others.


Lately she’s been working on a new series, Photo Tripping, for Yahoo! Travel, which sees her exploring various cities, such as San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York, and exploring areas with a focus on food. Some of her celebrity chef friends pop up,a trend began with video version of My Last Summer. The series is fun, and she’s a great host, propelling the short-form video series along well.

Congratulations to Melanie on the new venture!

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