Late to the party: Clean Bandit’s “Rather Be”


Given the date stamp on the YouTube video, and the number of views (nearly 100 million as I write this), either the U.S. is late to the part of this song, or just me, but I just heard it the other day and have been digging it. Given it was a U.K. number one earlier this year, perhaps we’re just getting to it now.

“Rather Be” fits in with the current soundscape, but to me there’s a part of that feels like a house throwback – the way the piano is used so prominently, the clean-ness of the beat, the use of strings, the awesome, uplifting vocals by Jess Glynne. It’s a great track, and worth your attention.

Additional listening

The group’s unique makeup of piano, drums and strings means their music has a bit of a different emphasis, a good thing in a sea of electronically driven music. Their partnership with great vocalists helps propel the music, not unlike Postmodern Jukebox. Here’s “Extraordinary,” featuring Shama Bass.

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