Michelle Williams’ new song reunites her with Beyonce, Kelly Rowland


It’s crazy to realize it’s been a decade since the members of Destiny’s Child went their separate ways, but yet it has been since their last studio album. Meanwhile, all three have pursued separate solo endeavors, and have definitely seen their careers continue, even if some have been more successful than others.


Michelle Williams, who’s had perhaps the toughest go of the three with a solo career, has an ace in the hole this go-around – her former Destiny’s Child partners Beyonce and Kelly Rowland have joined in on the song “Say Yes,” which is immaculately produced and highlights each of the singers in turn. Yet Williams, instead of being overpowered by Beyonce and Rowland, shines here, which means that her getting top billing, as opposed to billing it as a Destiny’s Child collaboration, seems appropriate. It’s a great track, with a strong vibe that serves as a nice return for the three working together.

One thought on “Michelle Williams’ new song reunites her with Beyonce, Kelly Rowland

  1. Not quite my cup of tea (I did like Destiny’s Child, but am not really into Bey’s Diva thing or Michelle’s Gospel-y stuff), but it is cool to see them all sharing the spotlight. I like the island-feel though, and that Michelle’s vocal capabilities stick out more!

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