Michelle Williams’ new song reunites her with Beyonce, Kelly Rowland


It’s crazy to realize it’s been a decade since the members of Destiny’s Child went their separate ways, but yet it has been since their last studio album. Meanwhile, all three have pursued separate solo endeavors, and have definitely seen their careers continue, even if some have been more successful than others. Continue reading

Required listening: Ultra Nate’s ‘Hero Worship’


The dance genre is a particularly fickle one; careers aren’t made often, and even when they are, many people are more familiar with the songs than the artists behind them. To a certain degree it’s always been a bit of a faceless medium, with producers driving multiple “groups” under different names, fronted by different singers. ¬†Sometimes singers record with different groups. ¬†It’s a somewhat incestuous beast, making it all the more remarkable when a career develops. As such, Ultra Nate’s story is pretty amazing. Continue reading