Patrice Wilson wants you to enjoy ‘Cupcakes’


We’ve had “Friday,” “It’s Thanksgiving,” “Chinese Food” and other earworms designed to go viral, but that doesn’t mean he’s done. He’s at it again, with another video that makes you go “huh?”

Here’s Gina Naomi Baez and her dog, Tinkerbelle, who have a YouTube presence, and who’s clearly trying to leverage Patrice’s viral abilities to bolster her name, singing a song about “Cupcakes.” With Crumbs crumbling and cupcakes having had their day and fading, it seems ill-times, but Baez actually has Broadway credits, had a video gain attention previously (check it out below) and has started a charity to assist children fighting cancer after her own experiences, so it’s hard to dislike what she’s up to, even if the song fails to elevate above Wilson’s normal standards.

Additional listening

Here’s that other video of Baez, “Let it Go,” that shows her raw talents off in a different vocal setting.

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