Rebecca Black finally makes obvious follow-up: ‘Saturday’

It’s taken almost three years, but internet viral sensation Rebecca Black, almost universally panned for her song “Friday,” which ignited careers that both her and producer Patrice Wilson have heavily leveraged since, has finally, after a bunch of follow-up singles, come around to making “Saturday,” the proper follow-up, and of course released Saturday.

She’s in good hands here, working with Dave Days, a musican and online personality with a popular YouTube channel that features original songs, covers and song parodies.  Black’s follow-ups have certainly not been bad efforts, this one included, but this time it’s more clearly a targeted attempt to reignite popularity, and with more than 1 million views a day in, it’s clearly working.

That said, the original, “Friday,” has more than 61 million views on her channel, which is on top of the 167 million views it had on Wilson’s Ark Music Factory channel, where it first gained popularity. (A quarter billion views for a song everyone claims to hate is pretty impressive.)

Additional viewing

There were hints she was coming to terms with “Friday” and perhaps leveraging it again when the above video was released.  On Black Friday, she (Black) reviewed her song (“Friday”). Clever.

I might as well include the original for completeness. Here’s the song that started it all.

Meanwhile, Wilson in 2012 released “H.A.P.P.Y.,” which he called his sequel to “Friday.”  That song was itself very much delayed, talked up and promoted for nearly a year before finally coming out.  It’s classic Wilson.  Not much more can be said, but you can see the results above.

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