Powdered alcohol draws attention, ire


This just seems like it’s asking for it: A company has received approval to bring a line of powered alcohol to market in the coming months, which is supposed to make creating mixed drinks either, but in an era of Four Loko and other drinks that had unintended side effects, I can only imagine what this could do.

Let’s not overlook the fact that an earlier version of the company’s website was much more tongue in cheek about the whole thing, and made it almost seem like a joke. The picture above reflects high alcoholic content, but a revamped (and barebones) website states much lower levels of alcoholic content (10-12%, still more than a beer but certainly lower than many distilled liquors).

Until the product hits the shelves, it’s impossible to know what’s true or not, but it’s clearly got the attention of a lot of people right now. Perhaps in teen movies of the future spiking a punch bowl will consist of pouring some “Palcohol” into it. But it sounds dubious on the surface, and it remains to be seen whether the product, which is slated to be sold in liquor stores like other liquors, will make it all the way to market.

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