Kylie fundraiser leads to preview of new song ‘Crystallize’


I’ve already explained here the struggle I’ve had with parts of Kylie Minogue’s new album, “Kiss Me Once,” so of course now she has to mess with me even further by releasing a 15 second sample of a song co-produced by Scissor Sisters’ member BabyDaddy, “Crystallize.”

This feels much more in line with her previous output, and much more immediate. The pair previously collaborated on the stellar “I Believe in You,” embedded below, and it’s clear they work well together. The preview was posted on Instagram and Facebok, as part of a fundraiser called “One Note Against Cancer,” which allows people to bid on an individual note from the song, with money going to a cancer charity that supported Kylie during her own cancer treatments.

I remain torn by the final product of “Kiss Me Once,” but “Crystallize” shows another direction that, in my mind, would’ve been a stronger one for Kylie. In the meantime, we’ll take what we can get.

Additional listening

An additional song made it out for Record Store Day, a track that previously was a Japanese exclusive.  “Golden Boy” is about at the same level of parts of “Kiss Me Once:” passable for most artists but probably a bit too weak for Kylie.

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