Katy Perry’s very happy ‘Birthday’


One of Michael Jackson’s hallmarks was elaborate and exciting music videos that weren’t just about illustrating the song. At a time when Jackson is posthumously making a new mark, Katy Perry, a pop superstar herself, seems to be taking up the mantle by creating elaborate videos, although hers are done with some knowing humor. Continue reading

Rebecca Black finally makes obvious follow-up: ‘Saturday’

It’s taken almost three years, but internet viral sensation Rebecca Black, almost universally panned for her song “Friday,” which ignited careers that both her and producer Patrice Wilson have heavily leveraged since, has finally, after a bunch of follow-up singles, come around to making “Saturday,” the proper follow-up, and of course released Saturday. Continue reading

With Thanksgiving one week away, how about a tune?

I wrote about Nicole Westbrook here when her second song, “Smile,” came out, but this one kicked things off a year ago.  If you’re not ready for Christmas music yet, how about “It’s Thanksgiving” to keep you going? Continue reading

PSY attempts to be a “Gentleman”

PSY, who came to fame from an absolutely absurd left-field hit, “Gangnam Style,” has officially released the follow-up, “Gentleman,” seen above. The song is more straight-ahead than the previous single, but has another catchy beat, easy-to-learn dance moves, some humor and some English lyrics for people to hook on as well. Continue reading

Nicole Westbrook is back…

The girl who brought us “It’s Thanksgiving” (produced by Patrice Wilson, the guy who also brought us such gems as Rebecca Black’s “Friday”) is back with a song not nearly as gimmicky, “Smile.”  It’s fine as a pop song but doesn’t really have the same redeeming sing-along factor as “Mashed Potatoes… EY!” so I doubt this will catch on to the same level.  But hey, gotta keep plowing ahead (and actually, I suspect Westbrook probably can sing relatively well without all the vocal effects).  “It’s Thanksgiving” embedded after the jump: Continue reading