Required listening: Chrissy Gardner’s “Little Lady”

The first time I saw Mission Zero, member David Keith was touring with Blackmore’s Night, so joining Chenot Keith on stage was her friend Chrissy Gardner. I’ve certainly kept up with Mission Zero since (they have a new song coming out in mere hours as this post goes up), but I haven’t talked much about Gardner.My seeing her perform with Mission Zero led me to look at her music a bit.  Her first album is solid, but a song I was even more struck by was in the video clip above, “Little Lady.” (David and Chenot are performing with her in the clip above.) When I saw Mission Zero in December I asked Chenot if she knew if Chrissy was planning on recording it, but it didn’t seem like it was going to happen just yet.

So it was exciting to see Chrissy post that she was going to record her second album soon!  She’s launched an IndieGogo campaign to raise funds for the effort, and she’s noted “Little Lady” as being on the list, which I’m psyched about, and there’ll be more good stuff to enjoy on the second album. She’s linked in with Fractured Atlas, which allows her to raise funds for the album via a nonprofit method, which means a portion of the donation is even tax deductible.  So cool.

The album’s going to be awhile yet before it’s released, but in the meantime, please consider helping a local musician make her second album come to life, and enjoy the excellent performance in the video above!

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