Required listening: Keri Hilson’s ‘In a Perfect World…’


Having been around writers for a good portion of my career, I’ve found over time that certain styles of writing draw me in (as I’m sure it does for most). Keri Hilson’s songwriting style is definitely one that pulls me in, and although both of her solo albums to date have plenty going for it, I favor her first release, “In a Perfect World…”


“In A Perfect World…” blends a number of styles of music effortlessly, married to enjoyable vocals from Hilson. The album had trouble initially getting out of the gate, with singles like “Energy,” below, not immediately catching fire, so additional songs were put out there to allow Hilson to connect.

Much of Hilson’s song output focuses on surefire topics such as love and relationships, but she writes in a way that’s completely relatable and accessible, and the songs themselves are catchy, which make the love lessons go down easier.

The album ultimately clicked into focus with “Turnin’ Me On,” a hard hitting track that saw Hilson pair up with Lil’ Wayne to perfect effect. She does well with hard-hitting beats, but she does well with more laid back tracks as well, such as “Alienated.” The album¬†holds up well five years later, and for those a fan of urban and R&B sounds, this is a great album to enjoy.

Additional listening

Relased shortly after “In a Perfect World…” in Germany, the non-album track “I Like” is an unfortunate omission from her American releases.


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