A bit more from Cathy Dennis


I’ve shared here previously my enjoyment of singer/songwriter Cathy Dennis, and it’s great to see things pop up involving her now and then. Two recent developments worth checking out that I’ve tripped across recently:

This article’s on the old side, but it showed up when searching for information about her recently and it’s a lengthier profile than I’ve seen on her in awhile. There may be others out there but I’m not familiar with them, especially of recent vintage. It’s a pretty cool look into how she’s gotten where she is.

Second, she’s listed as a featured artist on Craig Braide’s side project Hello Leo. Her vocals are clearly in the mix here in the song “You Control Me,” which is always cool, and she has quite a history with Braide, having written a song with him on her third album, “Am I the Kinda Girl?”, and then later for artists like S Club 7. It seems like their paths cross here and there, and the latest brings her vocally back out to the forefront, even if it’s just a repetitive “More, More” in the background. I found that one while looking up some classic Cathy on Spotify.


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