Required listening: Mission Zero’s “When the Morning Comes”

I previously wrote about Mission Zero, a brother-sister duo who I’ve seen a couple of times live by now. They recently released a new song, which, after a naming contest, has been dubbed “When the Morning Comes.”  This could be their finest effort yet.

The new song combines some of the best aspects of the band – beautiful vocals by Chenot, top-notch drumming by David, and a catchy mid-tempo groove. The production on this track takes another step forward – it sounds cleaner, there’s a few subtle additions (do I hear the robots chiming in?) and the song builds beautifully as it progresses.

While it could be argued that “Heavy Boots” might make a better song overall, it always felt like a bit more of an outlier in their catalog – the combination of guitars and vocal distortion make it, well, heavier than their normal fare, which has been more pop-focused.  “When the Morning Comes” lands in that pop-friendly zone, but pushes things forward a bit, and it’s a more-than-worthy addition to their repertoire.  I can’t wait for the iTunes link.

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