Mission Zero’s latest: ‘Sky Candy’ EP


I’ve had it for awhile, but unfortunately due to the schedule I’ve been keeping as of late, didn’t get around to working on this for awhile, but yay to a quiet weekend, as I can finally share with you some newer music by one of my favorite local acts, Mission Zero! Continue reading

Mission Zero tackles Lorde’s ‘Royals’

Mission Zero is back, this time with a cover of Lorde’s “Royals,” which takes a Joe Cocker piano riff and melds it on the recent hit to great effect.  The music video maintains the fun of their other recent videos.  This time, the song is available through Bandcamp, and you can either download it for free or make a donation for the purchase, allowing you to support the band if you choose. Continue reading

Required listening: Mission Zero’s “When the Morning Comes”

I previously wrote about Mission Zero, a brother-sister duo who I’ve seen a couple of times live by now. They recently released a new song, which, after a naming contest, has been dubbed “When the Morning Comes.”  This could be their finest effort yet. Continue reading