Required listening: Petula Clark’s ‘Cut Copy Me’


Petula Clark is best known for hits like “Downtown” and “A Sign of the Times” during the ’60s, but in her 80s she still has some surprises in store. Last year, a new album of music was released called “Lost in You,” and the lead track, “Cut Copy Me,” is a surprisingly modern selection from the artist.

The song dabbles in EDM and features some auto-tuning of Clark’s vocals, but it all works together in a surprisingly enjoyable way (including lyrics that are equally modern, when considering¬†the genesis of a phrase like “Cut Copy”). Her voice has held up quite well over the years, proven by the new album.

There’s other surprises on “Lost in You,” such as a slower take on her classic “Downtown,” but this track stands out the most for its willingness to push the envelope. Bravo to Clark for taking chances when she could kick back and enjoy what has been a very successful career.

Additional listening

I can’t have a post about Clark without featuring some of her best hits from the ’60s. Here’s “Downtown.”

And here’s “A Sign of the Times.”

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