Mission Zero prepares new release, “People in Glass Yachts”


Regular readers of the blog know I’m a big fan of New Haven-based sibling duo Mission Zero, and have been following their path for a couple of years now. Last fall, they announced they were taking a break from performances to work on some new music, and as winter has finally decided to more or less pack it in, comes word that a new EP is coming out in May. Continue reading

Required listening: Petula Clark’s ‘Cut Copy Me’


Petula Clark is best known for hits like “Downtown” and “A Sign of the Times” during the ’60s, but in her 80s she still has some surprises in store. Last year, a new album of music was released called “Lost in You,” and the lead track, “Cut Copy Me,” is a surprisingly modern selection from the artist. Continue reading

Ariana Grande tackles EDM with ‘Break Free’


Ariana Grande’s music has been more R&B-leaning so far, which makes sense given she’s been many times compared to Mariah Carey for her vocal range, and Carey’s sweet spot has been powerful urban and R&B styles. But with her latest single, Grande delves further into EDM than she has in the past, with decent results. Continue reading

Required listening: September


In the late 2000s, veteran dance indie label Robbins Entertainment was seeing major success with one of their artists, Cascada, which had a number of Billboard-charting hits that broke through into the pop realm, a few years before EDM finally became mainstream. Another artist on the label, September, probably should have seen at least the success of Cascada, with a diverse, pop-friendly set of songs that were many times stronger than Cascada’s output. Continue reading