Returning to the rhythm of posting daily


When I kicked off the blog a little over a year ago, I contemplated the posting frequency.  When I don’t post much, I find the gaps are long between entries.  When I get into it and can get into a rhythm, they come fast and furious.  

This is clearly a more productive time writing-wise, and for a month now I’ve kept up with my initial goal of posting daily.  I can’t say I’m horribly confident this continues into the new year (whereas I was 2-3 weeks ahead previously, as of this posting I’m mere days ahead now), but if visitors and readership are a motivator, the latest numbers are encouraging.

Traffic to the blog has more than tripled in the past 30 days, which I attribute in part to the seasonality that comes with a heavy emphasis at this time of year on holiday posts, but I also noticed a growing visit count since the daily posting schedule became the norm again. I’ve seen a trickle of comments coming in, which also reinforces the latest trends.

For a site that’s a year in, and that I’ve at times had trouble updating, I’m encouraged by the progress, particularly when the numbers are quickly closing in on where I ended up when writing a blog for the Connecticut Post awhile back (which I also strived to update daily). It also mirrors some of the experiences during my time working on Pixafy’s blog.

This is a somewhat long way of saying things are growing around here, and I thank you for visiting, reading and commenting.  And if there’s things you want to see as I move along, let me know in the comments.

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