So where are those eBook settlements?


I’ve been waiting patiently for the latest round of deadlines to pass regarding the book publisher settlements, which I’ve written about here previously. I noticed search traffic building on the topic, and I realized that 30-day appeal deadline had passed.  So, what now?

I wish I had seen this Publisher’s Weekly article on the topic back when I wrote my last post, as it would’ve helped me temper my expectations a bit more. It notes that while payments may make it to the stores pretty quickly after the appeal deadline passed, there could be another month delay before people see the payments.  Still, that means it should arrive somewhat soon.

Meanwhile, the article also notes the fact that Apple’s suit is ongoing means additional payments could be made.  So even as the current round draws closer to a conclusion, there could be even more refunds for readers like myself.  So the news isn’t all bad, even if the wait is getting longer.

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