The Alternate Routes appear on ‘The Late Late Show’

The Alternate Routes, led by Tim Warren and Eric Donnelly, got their start at Fairfield University, my alma mater. Many of us who went to college with them have their stories; mine is that I took a calculus class with Warren freshman year. Later on, after he graduated, I walked around one evening and helped him post up fliers for a show as we caught up. He was always a nice guy, and the Alternate Routes have always made great music. Continue reading

The day that Metro-North died


Commuting has been an experience from the get-go.  I very much love my train rides overall; they’re generally quiet, uneventful, relaxing (who wants to drive in that traffic?) and I use the time for myself: To read, solve a few logic puzzles, or, best of all, nap.  Of course, when things go wrong, it’s usually pretty bad, and last night was a doozy. Continue reading